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The Project

The SoBigData RI Preparation Phase Project (PPP) is the preparatory phase of the SoBigData RI in the ESFRI RoadMap 2021. The SoBigData RI PPP will advance the RI from simple awareness of ethical and legal challenges in social mining to the development of concrete tools that operationalize ethics with value-sensitive design, incorporating values and standards for privacy protection, fairness, transparency, and pluralism.

One of the main goals of the SoBigData RI PPP is to lay the foundation for the long-term sustainability of RI. To this end, the project will model and define a legal entity (ERIC European Research Infrastructure Consortium) to acquire legal status and develop strategies for RI governance. Of crucial importance is producing a business plan for long-term sustainability and defining strategies for services design, community involvement, and third-party partnerships. In this context, the goal is to develop a sustainable strategy for integrating data and methods that enables the discovery and utilization of heterogeneous services.

The SoBigData PPP started on the 1st of October 2022 and will end on the 30th of September 2025.

WP Leader: CNR

WP1 globally aims to ensure strong and efficient day-to-day management for the project to meet its objectives on time and within budget constraints.

WP Leader: Smart Lex

This WP will coordinate the definition of the Italian central hub along with the drafting or ‘signature-ready’ documents needed for the creation of a European joint-venture (ERIC legal form).

WP Leader: SSSA

This WP has the objective of defining all the financial aspects of the future RI, such as performing a stakeholders analysis, classifying them according to their characteristics and competencies, performing market and competitive analysis, and building business models for the new entity.

WP Leader: KCL

In this WP, a series of actions to assess the value and enhance the RI’s impact will take place. The first objective is to boost and transfer the research done in SoBigData++ to create stable results and services. The second objective is to create durable and sustainable connections with ESOC, Service providers, Research Infrastructure, European projects, and training initiatives.

WP Leader: RIE

WP5 will plan, support, and coordinate the SoBigData RI PPP communication and dissemination activities.

WP Leader: EGI

This WP will collect information about the services that the RI can provide and will create a plan for a unified single access point RI, including access policies for the distributed resources. In collaboration with WP3, WP6 will also define the business cases and the cost book.

WP Leader: UT

The objective of the WP is to organize the national groups (beneficiaries grouped by nationality) to determine the future creation of a national node of the RI. In this preparatory phase, the national groups must fulfill the requirements to become a node or participate with their resources to the central hub.

WP Leader: CNR

The objective is the planning for the creation of a central hub, which includes the technological, administrative, and governance aspects. The Italian central hub will coordinate the RI and will support the communication of all the national nodes for administrative issues.

WP Leader: CNR

This work package will ensure the long-term strategies developed in all other work packages to achieve global harmonization and prevent misalignments. Moreover, it will summarize the plans for the next phases of the ESFRI roadmap producing blueprints of the SoBigData RI.